This application can be used to make your USB-B2K telbox work with skype on linux. I own a yamamoto easyblue telbox, however I have had reports of other similar boxes working. Don't blame me if you buy a box and then find it is not compatible, I have no affiliation with any b2k manufacturing company and this is free software without warranty. It works for me using skype and uses x11 messageing so there are no issues with d-bus as with previous drivers. easy blue box

This site contains 2 pieces of software, first is the driver that is actually written by some one else.

I have modified some parts of this driver so that it works with skype and my client software, so please use the driver from this site. (I have supplied patches to the authors and this remains under the GPL as in the original source) however I have had no reply about getting the patches pushed back into their cvs tree, so for now please use my package as it has the necessary mods.

The client application is a small GUI that allows you to select the mode of the box USB or PSTN and allows you to set the volume levels of the box. When in USB mode the key presses are stored in memory and when the # key is pressed skype will dial the number you entered. As of alsa-lib-1.0.11-4.rc2 and kernel-2.6.18-1.2257.fc5 the sound quality is perfect with skype in alsa mode! When you receive an incoming call this software will make your phone ring, you can even use the GUI to make your own custom ring tone.

This software is developed using fedora core 5 so I will add specific notes for this distro, it has been reported to work on gentoo and kubuntu as well but I have no personal experience of working with them. Ask questions in the skype forum topic