Thanks to the developers at skype for doing the x11 messageing example that was really nicely written.
Thanks to the guys who reverse engineered the telbox to make the driver.
Thanks to alatariel on the skype forum for the auto start scripts, for building the binary packages and for writing the documentation.
Thanks to Frank Bennett for the patchs which make the PSTN mode work, the MythTV integration and the docbook to html script. Also for his advice and help on the forums.
Thanks to Dimitry Romashko for his patches that fixed the problems of the device hanging up and made it possible to use Skype 1.4.99 with kb2kskype.
Thanks to Jose Alberto for the fix to the mixer settings.
Thanks to gtellalov for fixing memory leaks and the twinkle support.
Thanks to open source web design for the site template and to Christina Chun for donating the template.
Thanks to me (Simon Dible) for writing this fantastic application.