Binary Packages for the latest usbb2k_api and kb2kskype are now available on the project download page. If any one would like source rpms let me know via the forum and I'll make them available.

Marcos has made a new release of usbb2k-api which uses hal to dynamically start the usbb2k-api deamon when a device is plugged in. Anyone upgrading from a previous release should make sure to remove the old init script (using chkconfig --del usbb2k-api) and remove the old binary (rm -i `locate usbb2k_api`). The release includes a great deal of changes and should improve stability allot. A new kb2kskype is also available which has a few bug fixes for high CPU usage and allows kb2kskype to be launched minimised via a system tray option. Thanks to Jose Alberto for translations patches. If anyone wished to contribute to the translation effort get in touch via the forums.

There is a new release of kb2kskype and usbb2k-api. Binary packages will follow shortly. If you are using Skype 1.4.99 check out how to disable auto gain control in Skype so you have usable audio. Thanks to Dimitry Romashko for his patches that fixed the problems of the device hanging up and made it possible to use Skype 1.4.99 with kb2kskype. Thanks to Jose Alberto for the fix to the mixer settings.

I've finally got around to updating the website. For those of you who have trouble reading the manual when the program is installed, it is now available in HTML under the user guide section, use the dynamic menu on the right to move through the pages. Thanks to Frank for making this.
The packages for the latest versions of the software have also been uploaded on the SourceForge site. I made a mistake in the last version of usbb2k, the startup script was named the same as the actual application, which meant that the stop and restart functions where broken, make sure you don't have a script called /etc/init.d/usbb2k_api it should be /etc/init.d/usbb2k-api if you do remove it and reinstall the new version. As usual all thanks go to alatariel for compiling the binary packages. Report any problems using the forums.

Version 0.3.2 has been released with some patches to stop the program hanging up the phone and randomly muteing calls. Thanks to Jose Alberto for the patches.

Version 0.3.1 has just been released that fixes a bug with the contact list updating its self when it shouldn't. The behaviour of the main window has now been changed so that closing it will minimise it to the tray. To close the application you now have to right click on the system tray and select close. The help documentation is now installed an matches what is available on the website. I have added standard icons to various buttons. Version 0.3.1 also sees the release of binary packages for centos, fedora, mandrake, debian and kubuntu. rpm users can install the signing key with the command rpm --import Please submit any bug reports via the forum.