User Guide

Running the client

First you must have the driver running. Log into a termanal as root and type usbb2k_api and now exit your terminal. There are instructions on how to auto start the driver next.
Second you must have skype loaded up and logged into your user account. In order to get the sound working you will need to go to tools->options->sound devices and set all three sound settings to your voip usb phone in the main skype window.
Then launch the driver client by typing kb2kskype hopefully you should also have an entry in the kde menu under internet as well is you wish to click on that. The client should now load and you should get a message from skype asking if you want to allow the application to send commands to skype, click yes and you are ready to start using the application

Using the client

Using this thing is pretty straight forward, once its all up and running just pick up your phone and dial the number you want to call, so to call ticket master in the uk you would press 00441613853211# when you are done hang up the phone and the call will end.
If you make a mistake just hang up the phone and pick it up again
If you want to switch to PSTN mode form USB type **# (no idea how you get back other than using the GUI)
To answer an incoming call, pick up the phone (I bet you would never have guessed that one!)
To make a call to a skype contact pick up the phone and then click on the persons name and click dial as you would normally, the call will go via your handset, just hang up when your finished.
The program downloads your skype contacts to the table in the contacts tab and auto assigns a speed dial. Speed Dials can changed by editing the second column of the table to match the number you want to assign. To dial a speed dial, pick up the phone type in the number of your contact as shown in the second column and then press #. If you don't want to assign a speed dial delete the contents of the right column for that contact.If you assign the same number to two or more contacts you will be warned. If you add new contacts to skype you may need to restart kb2kskype to refresh the list.

Autostart the driver

Download this script here to /etc/init.d provided by alatariel from the skype linux forum, and modified slightly by me. As root chmod the file eg chmod 755 usbb2k_api Look through the script and if you copy the driver anywhere else then change the path variable at the top of the script, for most users the defaults should work.

To get the driver service to start you need to first register the service, type the command chkconfig --add usbb2k-api, this should make the driver start in runlevels 2,3,4,5. You can also configure what is started on a particular runlevel by using system-config-services after registering the program with chkconfig.
Debian / Ubuntu / Kubuntu..
To get the driver service to start you need to first register the service, type the command update-rc.d usbb2k-api defaults, this should make the driver start in runlevels 2,3,4,5.
To get the driver service to start you need to register the service, type the command rc-update add usbb2k-api default, this should make the driver start in your current runlevel.

Autostart the client

If you want skype and the client driver to start when you log into your kde desktop then you can download this file to ~/.kde/Autostart/ and then make the script executable chmod 755 ~/.kde/Autostart/ you will only need to edit the file if skype and kb2kskype aren't in your executable path.
If people want to tell me how to do it on other desktops I will gladly post it on here.

Custom Ring Tone

The driver allows you to make up your own ring tone, but you only have on and off notes, so you can't do anything amazing, but its a nice feature. Enter a text string in the gui e.g. DbDt and click set. The text translates to A/a=0.1s, Y/y=2.5s, UPPER CASE means ring, lower case means don't ring Z/z is 'stop here', ie, only do one ring loop, give AaAaAx a try! DbDt is the default UK ring tone.


If you have any problems with the sound have a look at the volume and recording levels with alsamixer. You will need to specify the card number in order to see the b2k box as in most likely won't be the default device. e.g alsamixer -c 1, for a list of cards type: cat /proc/asound/cards on the command line. If you have any more problems see the links section for sound problems pages, check the skype forum or post your problem in the forum here.
kmixer really screws up with this phone box so avoid using it, alsamixer works great amixer seems ok as well.
If you can't connect the client to the driver, first try connecting using the test tool that comes with the driver. Instructions are in the README, just start the driver if it isn't already running and then run the api_connect program in the tools folder of the driver in a terminal api_connect /tmp/usbb2k.sock and check you can see events coming from the phone. Any errors are written to the system log so examine the output of that. Also running the client from the command line and look at the output of that. Post questions for help in the sourcefogre help forum here. There aren't any speed dials.
I don't have a call queue for having more than one call I will add this at some point in the future.

P4k phones need a different driver and some extra commands sending as I don't have that hardware I can't really help, but there is a driver available at, My code should help someone as a starting point.