Basic configuration

Make sure that the usbb2k_api daemon is running - kb2kskype won't work without it!

You need to have the daemon running before starting the kb2kskype client part and you need skype to be running before starting kb2kskype as well, so preferably you

  • start usbb2k_api at boot time,

  • start up skype afterwards and

  • start the kb2kskype application last

- shellscripts with added delays are an easy way to accomplish this! several of them can be found on the project website.

Connecting to Skype

When starting the kb2kskype client, your running Skype should pop up a question about allowing this program to talk to skype - click on yes and (hopefully) you will only have to answer this question the first time.

Set the Skype sound preferences!

Second you must have skype loaded up and logged into your user account. In order to get the sound working you will need to go to tools->options->sound devices and set all three sound settings to your voip usb phone in the main skype window.


There are some scripts to autostart both the usbb2k_api daemon, and both skype and kb2kskype, check the main website for the latest version, they are changing a lot right now!