Speed dial window

Clicking on the Contacts tab in the Main window will display the contacts and speed dials of the user that has logged into Skype.

Figure 3: Contacts window of kb2kskype

Figure 3: Contacts window of kb2kskype[4]

First, a few words about where this information comes from. When kb2kskype connects to Skype, and whenever the Refresh list button is pressed, it extracts the user's contacts from Skype, assigns an arbitrary speed dial number to each one and stores the information in this table. The contacts list is persistent, and is saved between invocations of kb2kskype. If any new contacts are found when the list is refreshed, speed dial numbers are assigned to the new entries, and they are added to this list.

You can edit the speed dial number of any contact by clicking on it in the second column. Assigned numbers are "sticky"; they will not change unless you edit them manually. If you don't want to assign a speed dial to a particular number, delete the contents of the right column for that contact; it will remain blank unless you again enter a value for it. If you assign the same number to two or more contacts, or if a duplicate number is automatically assigned to a new entry, you will be warned and given an opportunity to resolve the conflict.

The next section of this guide explains how to place calls through Skype, both to contacts covered by speed dial numbers and to ordinary telephone numbers via SkypeOut.

[4] The IDs shown in this illustration are fictitious.